Corner bead with mesh



The corner bead with mesh is applied to reinforce all vertical edges which have a high risk of mechanical damage.

The profile protects all edges and makes them reinforced and protected against external damage.

It also allows that edges straight and flat in insulated elevation. Our product thanks to the sink reinforcement mesh in a profile has a smooth ridge, which simplifies and accelerates construction and maximizes the finishing aesthetic.

Application – advantages

  • reinforces vertical edges which have a high risk of a damage (e.g. cracking)
  • creates ideally straight corners
  • provides the highest finishing esthetics
  • protection of corners against mechanical damage
  • prevents hairline cracking
  • creates an ideally straight edge


Product Corner Bead With Mesh 10 x 10 cm Corner Bead With Mesh 10 x 15 cm
Product number NA1010 NA1015
Length 2,4 m / 3,0 m
Quantity in box 72 m / 90 m (30 pcs)
Quantity on pallet 3456 m / 4320 m (1440 pcs = 48 boxes)
Mesh/Profile connection molded
Profile material UV-stable and alkali-proof polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Mesh material fibre glass reinforcement mesh ADFORS (Vertex) R 117 ETAG-004 certified