Hidden Drip Ledge Profile MM



Drip ledge profile with hidden drip edge is designed to protect every kind of edges of the elevation such as: terraces, balconies, cornice and above the window areas, where rainwater may get through the sticking out parts of the elevation.

After putting on a plaster, the edge, which helps in draining rainwater from the elevation is covered by final plaster layer.


Application – advantages

  • protects the edges of the balconies, cornices
  • ensures the correct draining of rainwater
  • provides the highest esthetics of the finishing
  • protects the corners against mechanical damage
  • eliminates the staining
  • weather resistant
  • easy and quick installation



Product Hidden Drip Ledge Profile (molded connection of mesh and PVC)
Product number HDLPM
Length 2,5 m / 3,0 m
Quantity in box 62,5 m / 75 m (25 pcs)
Quantity on pallet 2.500 m / 3.000 m (1.000 pcs = 40 boxes)
Mesh/Profile connection molded
Profile material UV-stable and alkali-proof polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Mesh material fibre glass reinforcement mesh ADFORS (Vertex) R 117 ETAG-004 certified